Civil protection News
Četri VUGD darbinieki - trīs vīrieši un viena sieviete stāv pie galdiņa uz kura izvietoti dažādi uzskates materiāli. Fonā redzami divi baneri.

This week from 28th till 29th of June in Belgium (Brussels) in progress is the 7th European Civil Protection Forum. From State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia (SFRS) participates deputy chief of SFRS colonel Mārtiņš Baltmanis and chief of Civil protection governance colonel Ivars Nakurts.

This event is attended by European Union institutions, representatives of national, regional and local civil protection, representatives of the scientific community, and subjects and bodies specialized in civil protection, relief and emergency. They will discuss about 4 topics about civil protection in Europe: 

  • Strenghten Climate Resilience - Preparing for extreme weather events; 
  • Protect the Citizens - Adapting to new risks;
  • Europe in the World - Reaching beyond geographical boundaries;
  • Embrace Innovation & Digitalisation - Pooling knowledge.

SFRS also participates in the exhibition organised within the Forum. SFRS shares with to date successful experience in implemeting projects under the European Commision's Civil Protection Financial Instrument "TRACK1" programme since 2019. This financial instrument is established within the framework of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

SFRS studies of projects implemented within "TRACK1" progremme strenghten institutional capacity of SFRS, focuses on future investment planning and the development of different technological systems and infrastructure. The project include a feasibility study for the deployment of the disaster loss database and the modernisation of the early warning system, the development of training complexes for the fire, logistics and repair bases and the Fire Safety and Civil Protection College, as well as the establishment of stationary and mobile safety classes for prevention and educating society.