Policy Area Secure Steering Group

State fire and rescue service of Latvia is a member of the Policy Area (PA) Secure Steering Group, which is the strategic body of one of the thirteen policy areas in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region( EUSBSR ). PA Secure is co-coordinated by the Council of the Baltic Sea States ( CBSS ) Secretariat and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency ( MSB ). PA Secure and its Steering Group were founded in 2013, and consist of members from all eight EU countries in the Baltic Sea Region, along with the Union of the Baltic Cities – Safe Cities Commission, the CBSS’ expert group Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings (TF-THB) and the Children at Risk unit at the CBSS Secretariat. The steering group meets twice a year to discuss priorities and strategic actions in the fields of civil protection and law enforcement. The Steering Group also supports international projects, which help to share expertise and best practices in civil protection among the countries. The most successful and innovative projects and processes that can be useful for the whole macro-region are nominated by the Steering Group for a EUSBSR Flagship status. During its existence, the EUSBSR resulted in 120 Flagship projects, around every 10th of which – under PA Secure.

State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia will organize civil protection exercises in the end of October


From 21 to 26 October, national civil protection exercise “STORMEX 2016” will take place in all regions of Latvia. From 27 to 30 October, EU Civil Protection Mechanism exercise “LatMODEX 2016” will take place in the regions of Riga, Jurmala and Ogre. The civil protection exercise “STORMEX 2016” will focus on capacity of national and local authorities in coping with natural disaster consequences and in the framework of EU Civil Protection Mechanism exercise “LatMODEX 2016” international teams and experts will participate in the disaster response. There will be 30 practical and theoretical disaster episodes in the framework of both civil protection exercises. The operations will take place in Riga, Daugavpils, Jurmala, Ogre, Skulte and Jaunjelgava district. As the emergency services are participating in a real manner, the State Fire and Rescue Service asks to be understanding in case the emergency vehicles are blocking traffic or making any other inconveniences in the exercise sites. On 25 October at 15.00, there will be a testing of the Civil Protection Sirens. The siren signal will be sounded across Latvia for three minutes and you will hear a regular ascending and descending tone. State Fire and Rescue Service kindly asks to be patient until the test is over. No specific action is required when hearing the sirens.  It is possible to follow the process of the civil protection exercises on State Fire and Rescue Service home page  and social media networks: and and on “LatMODEX 2016” exercise Facebook page:

The planning meeting of EU Civil Protection Modules exercise LatMODEX 2016


On 12–14 September in Riga the planning meeting of EU Civil Protection Modules exercise LatMODEX 2016 took place. The meeting was attended by 22 participants from 10 countries, the UN and the European Commission. The aim of the planning meeting was to review and confirm the scenario, exercise sitesand to discuss othertechnical and organizational issues. Deputy Chief of State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia, Mr. Kristaps Eklons gave and opening speech.